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Why The Nintendo Switch Logo Is Subtly Asymmetrical

Nintendo have a long history of making innovative consoles with unusual designs. Take the ds for example, which shook up handheld consoles by introducing a second screen. And who could forget the wii, which got gamers on their feet and flailing about with its motion sensing controller.

Their latest creation, the nintendo switch, continues the trend with a asymmetrical controller that has resulted in an asymmetrical logo design for the console. Don’t believe the logo’s asymmetrical? Admittedly you do have to look rather closely, but once you notice the difference you’ll be glad nintendo opted for the slightly lopsided design. This isn’t an oversight on nintendo’s part, though. The asymmetry counterbalances the different visual weights of the two halves. The solid half has a more prominent position, so to compensate for this it makes sense that its size is ever so slightly narrowed.

You’d soon notice the difference if the logo was symmetrical. In fact hellman has mocked up how the design would look. It’ll hurt both your eyes and your brain. Be productive. A library of work is one of the key indicators of a natural designer; someone with genuine flair and passion for what they do, regardless of whether there’s a pay packet or deadline attached to it. That’s why so many young graphic designers are running their own portfolios online like industry blogs.

The sooner you get your name out there, the better. Growing a personal brand publicly in this way will also give you a deeper understanding of the challenges and current social climate experienced by the clients and companies you eventually aspire to with for.

If you don’t feel confident building your own digital shopfront just yet, you can begin by contributing to a friend’s or seeking out industry blogs and asking to contribute a piece. How will you know when to charge for your services? Use your intuition. You’ll get a feel for when people are taking advantage, and you need to make sure it doesn’t steel your focus from your training course or study.

Don’t discard the journey for the finished product on any of these initial projects. Showing your workings, whether it be in concepts of sketches, gives a great insight into how you think and therefore how you might work together with an existing design team. This is something a company will be taking into consideration alongside your existing talent or potential for growth.