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Standing Out From The Crowd

With all that said, graphic design remains a competitive industry, brimming with eager, creative young talent. So it’s safe to assume that your application for your first graphic design gig will be one among many.

That’s why its so important in the modern working world to find those points of difference, to find what sets you apart and give yourself that slight advantage that could be enough to get you hired.

If you’re still studying or about to embark on a course, do seek out opportunities to do a placement year or short period of time – it is important to get as much studio and wider industry experience as possible. Some agencies will also take on interns over the holidays so approach them all and ask about their policies on that.

It’s so important to find those points of difference, to find what sets you apart

Treat every application individually – keeping your cv up to date is obviously important but similarly, take the time to tailor it where you can for each role you apply for, checking that you’re addressing everything they’ve asked for. They have taken time to make that list, so take the time to cover it.

Start building your brand early – it’s about more than a published portfolio. Your online footprint, your networking, your professional standing in the industry is a journey and its one you should start as soon as possible, not waiting until you graduate. Sign up to linkedin first and get your name out there.

Begin the habit of perpetual learning – its one you will take with you into your career, and it will impress potential employers. Keep up to date with what’s happening in your local industry but also, more regionally and then globally. Look at trends, laws, opinion pieces and awards. Online tutorials are a great place to brush up on your technical skills regularly. They are just as important as creative flair.